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On-demand sessions for K-5
Effective, Convenient and Flexible!
Boost grades and confidence!
Great for test prep and tricky homework!
$50/ per lesson
Let us help your child achieve academic goals!


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Let us help your child achieve academic goals!

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Online tutoring and learning support for kids
Impact your child’s learning journey now! Our team is here to help you make the most of their education.

Select up to 3 subjects per pack, as well as the number of lessons per week. Read more

Plans starting at $51 per lesson

A 1:1 learning plan based on your child’s specific needs for difficult school material or homeschooling. Read more

Plans starting at $0.85/min

Boosting reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonemic and phonological awareness. Read more

Plans starting at $51/sessions

A tailored approach to developing student’s writing skills, raising their confidence. Read more

Plans starting at $51/sessions

Assisting kids with mathematical concepts, improving their weaknesses, and achieving better grades. Read more

Plans starting at $51/sessions

Homeschooling is a parent-directed educational option that fulfills the requirement of regular school attendance. Parents have the freedom to determine their child’s educational path and plan for achieving their goals. Students can explore and learn at their own pace, in any place, at any time.

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Academic Success

1:1 Online Tutoring
60-minute session

Recorded sessions
for review

No long-term

KShield Reviewers
Your child’s writing reviewed by specialists

Send us a draft for an essay, paper, research paper, thesis or any other academic writing and tell us your deadline.

Within 24 hours, an expert KShield Reviewer will contact you by phone for the final briefing and confirm your order.

Download your reviewed work that includes editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
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& Editing Services
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KShield Reviewers
Proofreading & Editing Services
Affordable Prices
$12 to $16
per page based on word count of 250 per page
Affordable prices according to delivery time!
If you are in a hurry, you can arrange an even shorter deadline with a KShield Reviewer
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*based on word count of 250 per page
PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener

Take this first step to determine your child’s readiness to learn in an academic setting. This will empower parents and students regarding school enrollment and educational planning. Read more

For kids age 3 to 11
Schedule now
Screenings & Assessments
Is your child struggling with math, reading or writing?
Schedule an in-depth educational evaluation and get learning on track!
Secure Screening for Reliable Results
Test with Confidence!
KShield Screenings and Assessments are supervised by certified test proctors to ensure a fair testing environment and accurate results. You can focus on your test, knowing that your progress is being closely monitored to maintain academic integrity. Schedule your child’s KShield Assessment now!
KShield Review Results
Already have an educational assessment?
BYOD – Bring your own diagnostic and our team of educators will review the results, produce a qualified second opinion, and provide expert recommendations to improve learning.
Upload your results here and get a Second Opinion!
KShield Educational Journey
Keep Learning on Track!

KShield Educational Journey combines innovative online services, certified programs, and evidence-based best practices. A comprehensive, integrated program to assess and support children’s learning progress from birth to early school years. Read more

KShield Educational Journey combines innovative online services, certified programs, and evidence-based best practices. A comprehensive, integrated program to assess and support children’s learning progress from birth to early school years. Read more

KShield Screenings can accurately analyze each student’s stage of development and recommend actions to target education for what each one is ready to learn.

Duration: 2-to-3-week program
Price: $336 (regular price)

> BIPA – Behavior Intervention Plan of Action

BIPA is the intervention plan developed after performing the KShield Behavior screening, when undesirable behaviors are detected in school and preschool-age children. Read more

Duration: 3-month program
Price: $479 (regular price)

> EIPA – Educator Intervention Plan of Action

Our specialists can identify the area(s) of concern in reading and create an action plan for educational intervention that targets the deficits in reading that need strengthening. Through data collection and assessing student progress, we can determine if further interventions are necessary in collaboration with a special educator. Read more

Duration: 3-month program
Price: $479 (regular price)

> Evaluations for Therapy
KShield offers a full range of educational and pediatric services for your convenience:

Duration: up to 60-minute session
Price: $139 (regular price)

> Teletherapy in Florida

Our Teletherapy Special Plans are as effective as in-person therapy sessions and available to all Florida residents.
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Plans starting at $37/week

KShield For Schools
Your Partner in
Education Services

The Screening Week based on the PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener is designed to consider the functioning of the whole child, far beyond academic skills in reading, writing and math. 

PK-5 LRS also takes a good look in how a child is doing in gross motor skills, fine motor, sensory, language, cognitive, executive, and social/emotional skills.

At the end of the Screening Week, the school will have access to the results generated by the PK-5 LRS, with recommendations and essential information to support the academic success of all its students. Read more

Duration: 1 week
Price: $118 per student

Consultation with a Senior RTl Educator that will be ready to answer your questions about RtI and plan best way to implement the process in your school. Read more
Price: $129

Customized study and report by a Senior RtI Educator. Read more

Price: $385

Setting up and managing dedicated room for therapy at school. Read more

Price on request

Consultation with senior specialists at school. Read more

Price: $129