Associates Referral
Rewards Program
Refer Children/Students to Florida’s Leading Educational and Therapy Services and Start Earning Today!

Are you an Educator or Healthcare professional looking to earn some extra money? Join our growing network of associates and start earning cash back on every new child/student you refer to us.

The KShield ARRP offers you the opportunity to recommend a wide range of online tutoring, educational screenings, developmental and behavioral evaluations, early intervention programs, and several other educational and therapy services designed for children and students aged 0-12.

Do you want to refer an individual from another age group?

As a KShield ARRP member, you can multiply your earnings and expand your reach by recommending services to students of all K-12 grades and college prep, as well as therapy and teletherapy programs for individuals of all ages.

Simply sign up for the ARRP on our other AC&A websites as well. Once you’re approved as a KShield ARRP member, your application for other AC&A ARRPs will be automatically approved too.

After receiving confirmation of your approval as a new KShield ARRP member, you can take advantage of additional opportunities by applying for other AC&A ARRPs.

Click on the logo of the respective site to be directed to the registration page of that ARRPs program.

Make a difference in children and students’ lives by helping them access the services they need!

Start earning money by referring clients to us.
Join KShield Associates Referral Rewards Program today!