KShield Math Assessment
KShield Math Assessment
Assessment of Mathematics

KShield Math Assessment thoroughly evaluates a student’s complete math understanding to provide a comprehensive picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

This high-level educational assessment is recommended to determine if a student is at risk for falling behind grade level expectations. Results can assist with planning for tutoring sessions or intervention program aimed at improving mathematical skills.

KShield Math Assessment uses adaptive logic and personalized test content that measures math ability and comprehension across five content streams:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurement

KShield Math Assessment uses interactive technology, featuring an engaging mix of audio, text and multimedia images resulting in an efficient, reliable assessment with immediate results and prescriptive individual reports.

KShield Assessments

The KShield Assessments and the PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener (LRS) can provide a full profile identifying academic placement and curriculum needs for the student.

Has the student been identified with delays or concerns in the areas of math and reading?

These educational assessments will identify and pinpoint areas of academic weakness, determine appropriate grade level placement and/or provide support in the class or in the home.

Most schools and home school settings recognize these standardized assessments to inform admission consideration.

The provided report will be accessible for you and the student’s school.

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KShield Screenings and Assessments are supervised by certified test proctors to ensure a fair testing environment and accurate results. You can focus on your test, knowing that your progress is being closely monitored to maintain academic integrity. Schedule your child’s KShield Assessment now!
For kids age 5 to 11
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KShield Math Assessment includes the following:
*An Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) is a standard-based assessment performed by a qualified examiner outside of the school system.

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