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Ask a Special Educator or Therapist Without Leaving Home

Assessment, guidance, and professional opinion in a fast, convenient, and effective way.

Evaluations for Therapy can be used by parents who find it difficult to see a specialist in person. Designed with the children’s Educational Journey and well-being in mind, our system makes it easier for users to gather the educational and clinical information they need in the most efficient way possible by allowing our specialists and families to consult via video from multiple locations.

If you are unsure of what educational or therapeutic services you need, you can schedule an Evaluation for Therapy and ask our specialists for a screening to steer you in the right direction. We will help you choose from a variety of interventions and create a plan that meets your needs. Such recommendations may include Educational Programs, Differential Instruction Plans, Occupational, Speech-Language, Physical, or Behavioral Therapies.

Get quality support and learn about AC&A Educational and Therapy services to improve your child’s education, development and well-being.

Book Now an Evaluation for Therapy!

$139 for a 60-minute session with with an ESE Specialist or a specialized Therapist
Conveniently conducted from the comfort of your own home!

Simply schedule a date for your evaluation and complete an interactive online admission form. Our team will carefully select the most qualified professional for your evaluation.

• Utilization of advanced assessment tools
• Fully comprehensive 100% online evaluation
• Guidance and orientation on therapy options
• Personalized recommendations for ongoing support and progress
• Expert advice on grant funding opportunities
How It Works

From the Calendar Scheduler, select one of the available dates and open times.

Click on the Book It button and proceed to check-out.

Once you have successfully completed the payment process, an email containing a link to access the Intake Form will be sent to you.

Please ensure that you complete and submit the Intake Form within 24 hours of your appointment. This will allow our specialist to review your concerns and be fully prepared to assist you during your video consultation.


AC&A provides a warm and professional environment. You will need a tablet, smartphone, or computer with a built-in camera and microphone and access to reliable internet. It is recommended you test your device prior to confirming your audio and video work well. Consultations are held via ZOOM meetings and you can check your device and web connection in this link: http://zoom.us/test.

Prior to your Video Consultation, your assigned therapist or screener will review your Patient Intake Form and know your main concerns. During the video consultation, the therapist or screener will answer your questions and will present you with the most suitable therapeutic and treatment options for your needs.

Whenever the patient does not have sufficient autonomy or mastery of technology to participate in an online meeting, the presence of a caregiver or family member during the consultation will be necessary.

Relatives and other health professionals who wish to participate in the consultation remotely may do so if they have previously been registered in the Patient Intake Form.