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Screening Week
A comprehensive screening for the new times. Identify pandemic-related gaps in your school!

A school event to leave no student behind.

Recent studies have already shown the huge impact of Covid-19 in children. Not only the disease itself, but also the lockdown and deprivation of social life had many negative effects on children’s learning processes and behavior.

The Screening Week based on the PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener is an event developed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced educators, behavior analysts, and therapists to identify negative impacts on K-5 students, as well as latent difficulties and concerns that may have arisen in the post-pandemic period.

This comprehensive PK-5 LRS considers the functioning of the whole child, not just academic skills in Reading, Writing and Math. It includes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory skills, language skills, cognitive skills and executive skills, and social/emotional skills.

The Screening Week was designed to be completed 100% online by students and their parents at pre-scheduled times, providing essential information to parents and educators to determine the appropriate level and intensity for differentiated educational/behavioral support.

PK-5 LRS includes video chat with screener, checklists and questionnaires for parents with questions about their child’s language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Designed for students and homeschoolers from 3 to 11 years

PK5-LRS tests not only look at how a student is doing academically today, but several aspects of behavior and development that can affect learning and academic success in the future.

The screening examines students’ cognitive, academic, and social/emotional well-being (something that is especially important as the effects of Covid-19 have been widely documented), identifying learning difficulties and behavioral concerns in students as young as kindergarteners. 

A win-win opportunity for students, teachers, parents, and schools

For parents and students, the Screening Week means the opportunity to perform a high-level academic screening and discover about potential learning difficulties and behavioral issues related to the reduction of face-to-face classes and interaction in the school environment.

For teachers who have access to their students’ full PK-5 LRS report, the Screening Week allows the identification of areas where students may need additional support and provides valuable recommendations for integrating them into a truly challenging learning environment.

For schools, Screening Week shows a real and up-to-date picture of their performance in different grades against their goals, helping to effectively monitor the learning progress, behavior, health, and general well-being of their students.

Book Now a Screening Week for your School!
For kids age 3 to 11
PK-5 LRS helps teachers and parents make informed decisions through the most current, up to date information.
How it works:

Choose any date to start your school’s Screening Week.

(Event will take place over a 7-day period to provide parents and students with scheduling flexibility)

Fill in the details of your school and the students who will take the PK-5 LRS

Submit the form and wait for the AC&A district manager to contact you for confirmation.

Receive the registration codes and send them to your students to schedule the PK-5. 

(PK-5 LRS takes up to one hour and can be done entirely online at a pre-scheduled date and time within the Screening Week)

After all registered students complete the PK-5 LRS, receive full reports on each child and an overview of the results of your school