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BIPA – Behavior Intervention Plan of Action

In addition to difficulties and challenges at home, children’s behavior concerns such as uncontrolled tantrums, aggressive physical behavior, or repetitive emotional outbursts can significantly interfere with learning progress and academic success.

K-Shield Behavior provides a formal Behavior Intervention Plan of Action (BIPA) that teaches and rewards good behavior. It is developed according to the profile of each child, after screening and analyzing 4 primary functions of children’s behavior:

Behavior Intervention Plan of Action

The BIPA-Behavior Intervention Plan of Action is a weekly subscription to your credit or debit card and has a total price of $479. You will be charged once a week for $39,90 for 12 weeks. If you cancel the service at any time before its scheduled end, charge will cease as of the following week. This is a 3-month program.

$39.90 / week for 12 weeks