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KShield Reviewers
Proofreading & Editing Service
Proofreading & Editing Service
All suggested revisions, edits and changes are clearly documented so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done. You’ll also be able to stay in touch with your assigned KShield Reviewer to get clarification.

The KShield Reviewers are all native English speakers and have a college or master’s degree. They will assist you with the revision of style, grammar, basic formatting, and sentence structure, while providing a report with valuable suggestions and helpful comments that will strengthen your writing skills.

Affordable Prices
$12 to $16
per page based on word count of 250 per page
Affordable prices according to delivery time!
If you are in a hurry, you can arrange an even shorter deadline with a KShield Reviewer
How KShield Reviewers can help you?
Help for non-native speakers

If English is your family’s second language, your child may struggle to produce grade-level, high-quality academic work. The assistance of a KShield Reviewer can boost your child’s confidence, his or her grades, and school performance.

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