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Meeting the Needs for My Child

An Individualized Education Plan (or Program) is also known as an IEP. This is a plan or program developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability who is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives specialized instruction and related service.

This customized therapy-based program can provide beneficial solutions to assist the parent/caregiver in understanding their involvement and progress of the child, all related services the child is qualified to receive and the appropriate educational accommodations necessary for the child to be successful. Additionally, our specialized therapists can assist in providing invaluable information to assist in advocating to meet the needs of your child through their IEP. Each plan when followed, at the recommended frequency, has an optimal achievement level of 100% for each plan.

The Meeting the Needs of My Child is a weekly subscription to your credit or debit card and has a total price of $445. You will be charged once a week for $37 for 12 weeks. If you cancel the service at any time before its scheduled end, charge will cease as of the following week.

$37.00 / week for 12 weeks