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Associates Referral
Rewards Program
Why Join the KShield ARRP?

Make a difference in children and students’ lives by helping them access the services they need!

Start earning money by referring clients to us.
Join KShield Associates Referral Rewards Program today!
Here is some high-quality KShield services you can refer:

Enjoy additional benefits as a valued associate, including access to our HIPAA Secure Platform and special discount codes!

It’s not just about the cash you can earn. Once you are approved as a new Associate, you’ll enjoy additional benefits:

Access to KShieldTutoring’s HIPAA Secure Platform.

– Direct communication channel with our professionals.

– Special discount codes to provide to new child/student you refer.

– Full tools to monitor your referral and earnings performance.


We value your contributions and ensure prompt commission payments:

Commission payments made once a week, every Thursday.

Payments for services rendered for children/students you refer.

All commissions generated in the previous week paid on Thursday of the following week.

Payments made by bank transfer directly to your designated account.

Get paid weekly for your referrals!

Sign up today and start earning cash back while helping people access high-quality educational and therapy services.

Join the KShield Associates Referral Rewards Program today!